Friday, September 01, 2006

It's finally here, the Slot It Lancia LC2

After many long months of holding my breath waiting for this beauty to come it is. A photo tour this today and a comprehensive review soon.

I don't remember this type of packaging on Slot It's before but it's sure a nice detail that may be a new way of insuring an undamaged car during shipping. This bubble packaging is inside the normal case.

No 21.5k on this one it's the same motor that's come with the rest of the Slot It's, so no need to worry about this car having an unfair advantage with a new, very torquey motor.

New braids, more like Scalextric braid. I'm not sure if I like this change but here it is.

This car has such wonderful lines. I love the undulation in the body.

Two things on this car that I'm sure are just a problem with my copy. 1, the tires on the front (shown here) don't touch the track. 2, I can't take the body off to see if this can be adjusted because the front body mount screw is too tightly screwed down and I nearly broke the car trying to take it off to shoot the inside of the body... so that's why no photos of the inside of the car.

Not sure what to do about this yet...

The names on the roof of the drivers are very nicely done. There isn't any misprinting in the tampo printing anywhere on the body.

It's a fantastic looking car. The wheels are a pleasant surprise. I wasn't sure from the pre-release photos exactly how nicely detailed they are, but they're great looking. There are even little disc brakes in there.

Testing to take place this weekend.

Publisher, Slot Car News


Wet Coast Racer said...

Great review you got going there, Dave.

I think I'm gonna buy me a Nissan, next.

bluetoes591 said...

I wouldn't bother Paul, you know they're not very good. :-P