Wednesday, May 30, 2007

RP Motor Tester

RP is Racing Parts, a new company in Barcelona, Spain. Racing Parts' first product is the TE1100 motor testing machine. Slot Car News has received photos and a description from RP, which we have summarized here:

The TE1100 motor tester is a technologically advanced product for evaluating motors, to assist in slot car car preparation for competition. RPM at any voltage may be measured, as well as the magnetic field strength external to the motor.

An optical sensor is provided to measure RPM. The magnetic field strength adjacent to the motor case is measured electronically, not mechanically, with readings in Gauss. As the field strength of a motor varies, the TE1100 displays the readings averaged over time, and also displays the highest reading.

Power for RPM testing is provided by the TE1100 internal 9 volt battery, or an external power supply of any voltage. For most testing, an external power supply is used. The TE1100 drops the supplied voltage by 2 volts, so that you may test a motor at 7 volts maximum if using a 9v battery; if powered with 14 volts, you may test a motor at 12 volts maximum; if supplied with 24 volts, you may test at up to 22 volts, and so on. You can also dial down the test voltage output of the tester, to 2.5 minimum, so a range of voltages may be used for motor RPM measurement.

Shown here is the first version of the electronic circuitry which makes this possible, and the final version beside it. Firmware may be updated, with new features added in the future.

Racing Products is interested in racers' input about this new product. The TE1100 is available for sale now in Spain, and beginning in May in Portugal and Italy. It has been selling well, and production is not expected to catch up with demand until July. The cost of the equipment is of 75€ retail.

TE1100 motor tester information was supplied by:

Jose Manuel Sanchez

Slot Car News also asserts that the TE1100 would be of benefit for race technical inspection. The addition of non-magnetic spacers between motor case and the TE1100, simulating the ground clearance of a car, could be used to assess the magnetic downforce of motors raced over steel rails. Use of the tachometer function at the rear wheels only requires multiplying the gear ratio times the RPM at which the rear wheel rotates, in order to determine motor RPM. And Slot Car News observes that the price is "highly competitive". Although we have not obtained a sample for hands-on evaluation, the TE1100 looks very good to us.

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Anonymous said...

How is this product better than an electronic optical tacho that I can readily purchase from e-bay for less then 15 euro?

How is this product better than a set of electronic scales that I can set up to measure magnetic downforce (in grams) and that once again I can buy from e-bay for less then 15 euros. Total cost 30 euros compared to 75 euros.

Best regards,