Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sloter tires on a Scalex?

This was sort of an "ah hah!" moment the other night. While I was looking over my selection of spare tires I came across my Sloter replacement tires I bought a while back. And they sure looked like they might be just large enough to fit my Scalex TransAm Jaguar...sure enough they fit!

The stock Scalex tires on the Jaguar.

There is a bit of the edge of the wheel showing, but a nice fit in general.

The Sloter tires are almost exactly the same width but the sidewall height is about 1mm lower on the Sloter tires as opposed to the Scalex tires. The Sloter tires do crown a bit on the Scalex wheels but since the compound Sloter uses sands down every easily this should be easy to fix.

I've done some testing on this car with the new tires and it's much stickier on my new plastic Carrera test track than it was with the stock tires. It's lost none of the driveability that it had with the stock tires.

You can see the tires crown just a bit.

The best part is if you're familiar with Sloter tires you know they stick like crazy on wood and plastic tracks! So if you're looking to keep the stock wheels on your Scalex TransAm Jaguar this might be a good choice for replacement tires if you're in the market for them.


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