Sunday, May 06, 2007 Porsche Challenge

With the Shootout Summer Series Proxy Race coming in June, I figured it was time to have a Challenge using my favorite race cars, the Porsche 956 and 962. The Porsche Challenge is a 20 lap sprint in all three lanes of the targa for fastest overall time. The cars used for this race were a Kenwood 956, Rothmans 956, Blaupunkt 962 and a green 962. All of the cars are very close in set-up with the Kenwood 956 and the Green Machine 962 having the most modifications of the four.
Car Specifications:
Kenwood 956
21.5k in-line
9/28 (3.11)
77 grams
19x10 S1's
Rothmans 956
Early 25k in-line
9/28 (3.11)
79 grams
19x10 S2's
Blaupunkt 962
Early 25k in-line
9/28 (3.11)
82 grams
20x12 S1's
Green machine #7 962
Early 25k in-line
8/28 (3.50)
82 grams
20x12 S1's Trakmate timing software was used to time the race. Track voltage is set at 10 volts. A Professor Motor 2048 controller was used to run the cars. Track preparations consisited of wiping the track with a micro-fibre cloth then running five silicone tire cars for 10 laps each in all three lanes. Needless to say, the track was very clean for this race.

Red Lane-1. Rothmans 956 3:49.259

2. Kenwood 956 +4.963

3. Blaupunkt 962 +5.605

4. Grenn Machine 962 +7.612

Yellow Lane-1. Blaupunkt 962 3:49.101

2. Kenwood 956 +1.832

3. Rothmans 956 +5.559

4. Green machine 962 +7.234

Green Lane-1. Blaupunkt 962 3:38.729

2. Kenwood 956 +6.473

3. Green Machine 962 +8.565

4. Rothmans 956 +13.643


Points are awarded as follows.

1st place /4 points

2nd place / 3 points

3rd place / 2 points

4th place / 1 point

The finishing order- 1st place-Blaupunkt 962 (10 points), 2nd place-Kenwood 956(9 points), 3rd place-Rothmans 956(7 points), 4th place-Green machine 962(3 points).

The Blaupunkt 962 was a solid feeling car right from the start. This car builds confidence with each lap and is very predictable. The Kenwood 956 had 19x10 S1's which became slippery causing odd handling woes in the green lane. 20x10 S1's would have made this car a run away winner. The Rothmans 956 was the only car with S2's and did surprising well finishing 1st in the red lane and then fading badly to the back of the pack. During the post race inspection, the rear motor pod holes were found to be stripped out and both screws missing. The Green machine 962 never really had a chance against the other three cars due to being geared 8/28 (3.50). The cars was either full throttle of full brakes which made it difficult to complete consistent laps w/o deslotting. 2006 RAA LMP entrant and crowd favorite, "Green Machine" 962 had a poor showing during the Porsche Challenge and is looking forward to a rematch.


MJ said...

Interesting article :-D

But I think that my Porsche 956 KH would have crushed them all!;-)

check it out!

It's possible to translate it into English, just look at the sidebar!;-)

Anonymous said...

with different motors, gearing and tires on each car, these results are completely useless. a waste of time.