Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Scalex Street Pursuit set

A clarificaton from Scalextric:

There are two chassis' for each of the Range Rover and Lamborghini cars, as follows:

Set Street Pursuit: Essentially, think 'NOT DIGITAL'! The chassis' of the set cars are not Digital Plug Ready. Though the Range Rover does have the posts/hole to take a retro-fit chip (not that Hornby Hobbies is suggesting that the car should be converted to digital - this is a customer choice), the Lamborghini doesn't have any digital provision. ‘Drift’ cars should not be used as digital cars.

Solo cars: Both Range Rover and Lamborghini Gallardo are both DPR cars with standard guide blades. These can be used as digital cars on digital layouts.

Thanks to Scalextric for the news.

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