Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dr. V's Slot-Car Salon: Scalextric Ford GT40

When I was a kid, I used to read my old man's Road & Track magazines. I remember my favourite repeating column being the Salon. Basically, it was a really nice photo spread of some very cool car. So, In that spirit, I bring you the Slot Car News Salon: the most recent acquisition to the 1/32 scale garages of DrVanski Racing:

The Ford GT40s came with my very first set. Any slot car in a Gulf livery is like a proverbial "puppy in the window" so I simply can't resist. The #11 car I picked up from FanatasyWorldHobbies. The #1 car was a good score used in Slot Car Illustrated's Buy and Sell area.

These are great looking cars and were my introduction to slots so what's not to like.? Granted: I have yet to set one up for non-mag running. Any pointers in that regard?


PeteN95 said...

Nice cars, Doc, and nice pics too. They run quite well sans mags, with just a few grams (4-5) of lead wedged in near the driver's feet. Although this may take some trimming in the footbox area. Also the Mk II should have a single large velocity stack, not the webers in the engine detail.

dr vanski said...

Thanks for the compliment Pete. I'll give your technique a shot...once I get my proxy cars out the door and the GPR up and running!