Tuesday, November 07, 2006

SCX Tuning Series set-a closer look

SCX continues its Tuning range with a spectacular new addition, the C3 Tuning Series circuit. This latest offering is yet again outstanding for the high-tech components it features. As well as the Neon Effect fitted to the cars’ headlights, chassis and interior, the circuit has a junction with tuning stop light equipped with speakers and the option of connecting to an MP3 player or music system. With this brand-new sound feature, competitors can hear the countdown and engine noise, as well as enjoying their favourite music while they drive. The tuning stop light also allows you to control the volume.

The C3 Tuning Series circuit brings the bold, colourful personality of the range with careful recreation of the atmosphere, featuring faithful detail of some of the typical features of a city: as well as thestop light at the junction, the cars race past traffic signs, borders and fences and more, further heightening the feeling of driving on an urbancircuit. The two cars included are only available for this circuit, and stand out not only for their striking colour schemes and spectacular spoilers and air intakes, but also for the sports seats they boast inside. Both models also offer a wealth of possibilities for customisation interms of decoration and fittings. Enthusiasts can create a style to suit their tastes by combining the different accessories, including 6 sets of front bumpers, 6 sets of rear bumpers, 6 sets of rear spoilers, 6 pairs of side skirts and 1 Tuning decal kit.

Overall, this new circuit’s fantastic atmosphere, together with its range of striking accessories take the SCX Tuning category to a new
level, one which will delight enthusiasts everywhere.

Ref. 8081080810
C3 Tuning Series
12 Standard Curves with Broken White Lines
2 350 mm Standard Curves with Broken White Lines
1 City Look Gran Chicane (squeeze track)
1 Connection Track with Zebra Crossing
2 350 mm Standard Straights with Zebra Crossing
2 175 mm Straights with Broken White Lines
2 175 mm Straights with Zebra Crossing
1 City Effect Junction
1 Tuning Stop Light
21 350 mm Steel Look Standard Straight Borders
4 Steel Look End Borders
7+7 Steel Look Straight End Borders
12 Grey Barriers
9 3/4 Barriers
2 Tuning Series Controllers
1 Electronic Transformer
2 Tuning 3 Cars
3 Sets of Spare Bumpers, Skirts, Side Skirts and Spoilers
1 Sheet of Tuning Series Stickers

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Anonymous said...

Bought this on special at a bargain bin because one of the cars was missing.
What an absolute gem of a set. Already have plenty of other cars so a missing car wasn't a problem, but the set is quite big and plenty of fun. My eight year old loves the supplied sound tracks and the tuning series cars crap over our other scx models, so 2 thumbs up for this set.