Tuesday, November 28, 2006

GPR 2007: The Race Is On!

Woodbridge, Connecticut, USA

Race car transporters have arrived en masse at the East New York Raceway for the first round of the innaugural Global Proxy Race.

Even though a few tranporters are still en route, the first part of this contest of speed and endurance commenced today with the cars of the GT class taking to the track for their maiden competition runs. "Speed waits for no-one" GPR technical director and hotshoe Robert Livingston was quoted as saying as he relaxed his trigger finger between timed heats. "I am the driver for this heat. Center lane (61’), 13.6 volts, PM 2050 controller. This is a solo heat, driver marshalled, while the timer runs. Highest lap total determines place; tie breaker is average speed."

International competition in the GT class is no match for the American entry of proxy racing veteran Spirit Racer. His Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona coupe has taken the provisional lead with a total of 114 laps. Canadian team Dr Vanski Racing's Martini Porsche 911 clocked in with 112 laps for a provisional second place. Rounding out the provisional top 3 is proxy racing major domo Phil Kalbfell's BMW M1 with 110 laps.

Timed heats will continue over the next several days with prototypes taking to the ENYR's MDF pavement once the GT cars present in the paddock have run. Weather conditions and canine units employed by U.S. Customs seem to have delayed a few of the tranporters en route to Connecticut.

The final half of the first round of the GPR is to be run between Christmas and New Year's with several guest drivers making an appearance at the East New York Raceway.


DaveKennedy said...

Boy all those Porsche's are gonna have a hell of a time on that gravel driveway!

dr vanski said...

I doubt that Mrs. Livingston will be impressed if they track gravel into the house on their way down to the basement.

Robert Livingston said...

The Ferrari transporters have four wheel drive.

The Spirit Racer Club has produced a brilliant "floating body" 365 GTB which has edged ahead of the Porsches, who are competing for a consolation prize. Efforts to contact the Spirit Racer Club have been to no avail, as it is past their bedtime.