Monday, June 02, 2008

All Fuched Up: BWA Porsche Wheel Inserts

As any of you who have seen my slot car collection or visited my Rennsport Reunion III Gallery can tell you: I like my Porsches. We've had the good fortune to have many models of these great German cars released as slot cars. The problem with many of these Porsche models is a problem that's common across the whole range of slot car manufacturers: wobbly eccentric wheels and bent axles.

If you're looking to upgrade the Porsches in your colletion then BWA Wheels are one likely source for replacement parts. These wheels come in different sizes and allow the slot car racing hobbyist to replace wheels from the narrowest ones used on vintage cars, to the monster rubber used on racing prototypes. What we haven't always had access to are the inserts necessary to finish off these great aftermarket wheels - until now.

BWA has augmented their range of inserts which has up until now included vintage Porsche steel wheel style inserts as well as 5 spoke alloy wheel style inserts with the Fuchs alloy inserts first used on the Porsche 911 model both for street and track use. All of these inserts fit the 32002, 32004, and 32006 wheels from BWA. With a bit of sanding and paint they look great and really finish off the look of any Porsche model slot cars as well as enhance their performance. The steel type wheels are great for Porsche 356, 904, 906, 550 spyder and other vintage machinery. The Fuchs inserts look great on the 911 series cars and have also been used on 904 and 356 series cars. The five spoke alloy inserts look great on 908s, 917s and the Carrera 911 RSR pictured. Between these three inserts just about the whole model range of older cars are covered. The BWA wheels and inserts are available from better slot car parts retailers as well as from BWA directly.

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