Tuesday, June 03, 2008

MRRC/Scaleauto Pinions for Slim Cans

MRRC/Scaleauto is bringing out much needed, press-on, brass pinions for FF-050 type motors, with 1.5mm diameter shafts. Three sample pinions are shown above (8, 9, and 10 tooth), next to their intended "slim can" motors. 11 and 12 tooth pinions are also to be released. Pinion diameter increases with the number of teeth. Tooth spacing is constant as tooth count increases. Diameters are: 4.95mm (8t), 5.49mm (9t), 5.94mm (10t) and so on.

Track tests of an 8 tooth MRRC/Scaleauto brass pinion, driving a Slot.It 24 tooth crown, showed very smooth running (axle spacers were used to set the mesh).

These pinions are a boon to anyone who has struggled to bush down 2mm bored brass pinions, or made do with plastic pinions.

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Who,s selling these?