Monday, June 02, 2008

Ninco's N-Lifter

News from Ninco Bob to pass along:

Here's something NEW and UNIQUE!
NINCO's "N-LIFTER" is a height adjustable track support kit that is used to vary the elevation of NINCO's slot car track.

Because it's fully adjustable for height and width, track sections can be banked and N-Lifter can even be used with all other brands of 1/32 slot car track!

Now, you'll be able to easily customize a layout and add overpasses and elevated sections & bridges to make racing more exciting.

By adding overhead track, you can reduce the overall "footprint" of the racing layout, enabling you to have lots of track in a smaller space.

The N-Lifter can be used on straight or curved track sections and can support over 6' of track.

Preorders anyone????
Item 10222 N-Lifter MSRP: $45.98

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