Saturday, June 21, 2008

Slot Track Scenics - spectator embankments

Some spectator embankments from Slot Track Scenics to show this weekend. These are a really cool idea! From their website:

Our embankments give you somewhere to put your spectators other than the grandstand. Now they can sit or stand around the circuit and get a really good view of the action. Also, because the spectators are raised up they are more prominent and can give added realism to the look of your track. By adding that bit of height they bring an extra dimension to it. Their very natural appearance makes these embankments suitable for various types of racing from F1 to Rally stages. More pictures of the first production models will be posted soon. Prices are:
Pair of ends : Unfinished (SE 1-U) £14.95; Finished (SE 1-F) £19.95
Straight Middle : Unfinished (SE 2-U) £14.95; Finished (SE 2-F) £19.95

For an article about finishing these yourself look at this link on the Slot Track Scenics website.

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Yutthaphoom K. said...

again..nice one..very informative article thanks!