Monday, June 16, 2008

New Sloting Plus gears - tons of photos

Lots of photos of the new Sloting Plus gears.

And if you're a dealer in the US and you'd like to pick up a new line of parts send Jacques of Sloting Plus an email at:

11z 7mm.
11z 6.5mm.

FlatSix 10z 6.5mm

11z 7.5mm.

11z 6.5mm.

12z, 13z, 7.5mm

11z, 6.5mm.

12z, 6.5mm.

11z 6.5mm.

12mm 6.5z.

12z, 13z, 7.5mm.

10z,11z,12z, 6.5mm.

10z 11z, 12z, 6.5mm.

10z, 11z, 12z 6.5mm

10z,11z,12z 6.5mm.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see other parts entering the space.
Is it me, or does it look like photos 1 and 4 have the AW gear flipped?

Anonymous said...

Yes but we can do it !
See yourself in Spanish forum -->

Good Slot ;-)

dv said...

Finally: a set screw pinion!