Thursday, June 26, 2008

Slot Track Scenics

Slot Track Scenics has a wide variety of trackside products. Photos and info from their website:
These are strips of thin white rubber which wrap around the tyre walls. Each is long enough to go around two lengths of tyre wall, making a section half a straight long. The front has two red or blue blocks so that the overall effect is very like many circuits.

Sponsors logos and advertising boards are very much part of motor sport and therefore they can really add to the realism of your circuit. These are often along the side of the track but are sometimes also projecting across the track on panels supported by stanchions. Sometimes they are simply placed on the grass areas beside the track. We can provide all of these.
If you watched the Australian Grand Prix this year you can not have failed to notice the amount of safety fencing around the circuit. Australia is not alone in this although, as a ‘street' circuit, it is particularly noticeable there. We have therefore made some Safety Fencing to allow you to reproduce this effect on your own circuits.
These come in sections of five stacks of tyres with six tyres in each stack. They are injection moulded in synthetic - though extremely realistic - rubber. This means the detail is great and also that they are flexible enough to bend around curves and to flex a little bit if a car runs into them. Our customers tell us that they do actually work in sparing the cars!
Brake Point markers
Brake Point markers (BP 1)
These signs give racing drivers help in finding their braking points by indicating how far it is to the next corner. Sometimes they may count down 300, 200 100; sometimes it may be 150, 50. You can now add these to your circuit. (You never know, if you are in the habit of going off at certain corners this may be the answer to your problems!)

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