Sunday, June 15, 2008

Is this the coolest set of coasters ever? It could be!

Supermandolini's "Golden Track" is the most unique set of coasters I've ever seen...
It's a slot track, sort of.

From their website:
Clear your head, focus on those rails and hold that glass steady. On your marks... Get set... GO!!! These drive down memory lane coasters can link with each other forming a slot car race track.

• 9 x 9cm coasters
• set of 6
• vinyl top
• gloss finish
• foam base


GregA said...

So what happens if your cup deslots? LOL

DaveKennedy said...

You get another beer!

arnaud said...

Do not drink and drive togheter.
The way we say in holland "who's the BOB"