Monday, June 09, 2008

Preliminary NINCO World Cup Rules Posted

Ran across the preliminary rules posting for the 2008 NINCO World Cup Qualifier Race Rules on the NINCO World Cup blog.
The NINCO World Cup Blog is at:

The rules are posted at:
and were preceded with the comments of:
"These are the rules that NINCO recommends for the qualifying races of the NINCO World Cup. Obviously, every country could do certain variations to adapt them to his own event format and the special features of each one. Anyway, the Silverstone final will include the 95% of this document."

The eligible cars listed so far are:
* Mosler MT 900R
* Porsche 997
* Ascari KZ1
* Lamborghini Gallardo
* Ferrari 360 GTC
* Lexus SC430

Look for more to come soon.


DaveKennedy said...

THere's a Ninco World Cup blog????

GregA said...

Article updated with link to the NINCO World Cup Blog.
There's not too much data on there yet, but the link was published on the NINCO site.