Saturday, June 21, 2008

Flying Lizard to race against slotters at Lime Rock!

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If you'd like to come to Lime Rock Park and race against the team please make a comment below...On July 11th at Lime Rock Park during the weekend's American LeMans Series race the Flying Lizard Motorsports Porsche team will have an SCX Digital track set up to race against slot racers! Approximate race times for racing against the drivers are around 1:00 pm to 1:15-1:30pm and again from 4:00pm to about 4:15-4:30. Each session will be about half an hour.

Come to Lime Rock and test your slot car driving ability against the real drivers!

Discussion of this race and coverage will be on SCXWorldWide.

Photo used with permission from Flying Lizard Motorsports.



Volker said...

I got tix for both days, so I'll be there :)
Good chance to get some autographs as well I guess :)
Thanks Dave !

GregA said...

Get the Flying Lizard guys to give us some graphics to make decals with...Can you imagine how sweet a fantasy liveried Slot.It Porsche would look in FL colors and graphics!

Yutthaphoom K. said...

hmmm would love to be there myself!

Bart Brown said...

Yo DK -- I'll be there Friday.Is Robert coming. You did a hell of a job -- I tried getting a midway slot a couple years ago, but it was just me (with no sponsorship), and I couldn't choke down the circa $600.00 the midway manager wanted. Congratulations! Also, a little premature congrats on your new venture. Best of luck in both!

Bart Brown
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