Friday, June 13, 2008

This is not "Happening"

Slot I was so moved by what I just saw at the local movie-plex-o'rama that I was compelled to say something.

M. Night Shyamalan is a director that has made some very well done, very suspenseful, thoughtfully scary movies that how could you think you'd go wrong seeing the latest movie "The Happening"?

Well, what I just saw was so utterly terrible, so insultingly awful that I can barely stand it.

The dialog wasn't bad it was a joke. By the end of the movie the capacity crowd was laughing when the dying on the screen would happen. The direction of Mark Wahlberg (who I swore could act at one point in his career) and the cast collectively...god...I can only think that the other movies Mr. Shyamalan has made were a ploy to sucker us into the theater to separate us from our money without even the attempt made on his part to make anything more than 1:30 hours of what might be the single worst movie ever....yes...EVER, made.

At one point I found myself wondering, "is this supposed to be a parody?" I'm honestly still unsure.

Why didn't I leave? Well, I saw history tonight. "Showgirls" has now moved up from the bottom of the list.

If someone walks up to you on the street and at gunpoint tries to make you go see this movie...take the bullet.

Or, this...


Dave said...

So Dave, are you saying that you didn't like it???? :D

A shame, when you think of "sixth sense" which was a great movie. I don't think any of his other movies were any good.

Dave Marcus

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its getting a rotten score on i hear its a bit too much environmental preachyness. this guy has not made a good movie since the sixth sense. on the hand "the hammer" comes out on DVD june 24th! dont miss that one !

Anonymous said...

6th sense and the "copy-paste" The Protector were OK...

Signs was pretty scary to me, but the end of the film... well, ok, don't mention.

The Village was somewhat interesting to me. Nice to watch.

But somehow I had a strange feeling about this new one, and after reading about it... I guess I'll skip it :(