Monday, February 04, 2008

Avant Slot - more on the way to the US

So, I talked with Cal Kimrey Super Bowl Sunday and the good news is the Peugeot 908 and ALL 3 Audi's are on the way! They are due to arrive the week of Valentine's Day...and nothing really says "I love you" like a slot car now does it?
What's the bad news? Well there isn't any! Well maybe there is sort of. ALL the cars Cal has on the way are once again COMPLETELY pre-sold to the dealers. So...and I can't emphasize this enough... if you want the Peugeot 908HDi OR any of the 3 LeMans Audi's from Avant Slot contact the Avant dealer of your choice NOW!

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dv said...

Number 8 car, please?