Friday, February 08, 2008

Carrera Digital news...evidently here first!

Digital sets will be coming with a race management system. This system has been described as a "black box" that will plug into the track and, via a USB plug, plug into a computer. It will display:
1. Best lap
2. Last lap
3. Total time
4. Number of laps
...and maybe more functions.

The system will be compatible with the Digital 124 system. Digital 124 will be limited to 4 cars racing at a time.

In addition to the 1 Pantera already shown there will be one more livery of the Pantera. There will be 3 of the '64 Corvette.


Thanks to Frank who got this info from David Creed of Carrera USA!


tqconnections said...

Hi Dave. There will be an upcoming Carerra competition happening in NY on Feb. 16th 2008. I have the event info so you may post it up for those looking to attend of compete. I cna be reached at

DaveKennedy said...

You have mail.