Friday, February 08, 2008

SCX 2008 releases... well at least some of them

Well there's lots to talk about.

As you might expect SCX IS doing Nascar COT's. I saw the prototypes while I was in Spain at SCX and they look superb! Liveries to expect:
Chevy Harvick #29 Pennzoil
Chevy Burton #31 AT&T
Ford Biffle #16 3M
Ford Kenseth #17 black DeWalt
Ford Edwards #99 Alfac

And there will be releases of the "older" Nascar body:
Dodge Charger #42 Montoya-Texaco Havoline
Dodge Charger #9 Kahne-Mopar
Dale Earhardt Wrangler #3
a plain white body kit!!!!!!!

more soon...

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