Friday, February 01, 2008


O.K. How many of you had VW bugs? Remember how they drove? The light would turn green, you’d pull away with a rumble and much less, I mean much less then supersonic acceleration. And, coming to the next light you would pump the brakes and knew you would stop, but always had that little fear…

Before you post about my VW comments, I have owned 12 of them all the way from 1957 through a 1976 champagne edition bug, and at least one of every other model (ask my dad, my backyard looked like a used car lot) and LOVED every one. Side comment from wife – we had to rent one on our honeymoon and it was one of his favorite days all because of the bug! He even let me take a picture of him in the bug.

Honeymoon Bug got to love Mexico

Now you recreate that joy, exhilaration and heart stopping moments that a VW gives you with the Revell Fun Cup Car. When I saw the first photo of this car, I knew I must own it. Although it is only released in Europe due to licensing issues here in the States. How did I get one? Hey, what can I say, I got people.
This car is richly detailed, and brilliant in color. The Tampo printing is flawless, no bleed and crisp edges.
What’s under the boot? Well, not the latest in cutting edge technology that’s for sure, but a simple and functional chassis. I would love to tell you how it ran, over the long haul, but I can’t. I ran this car 10 maybe 12 laps around my 22 foot oval and put it back in its case. How did it perform in those short few laps? Well, like a VW.

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