Friday, February 08, 2008

SCX-Digital/Compact - releases

Another photo of the real car later tonight.

SCX-Digital cars:
Dodge Charger #42 Montoya-Texaco Havoline
Dodge Charger #9 Kahne-Mopar
Chevy #3 Earnhardt-Wrangler
Ford #16 COT Biffle-3M
Seat Leon SuperCopa 2007
Ferrari F1 Massa
McLaren F1 Hamilton
Williams F1 Rosberg
Porsche 997
Ferrari 360
Ferrari 550
BMW F1-Deco 2008
Ferrari FXX
Renault F1

Digital sets:
Nascar basic set
F1 Pit Box set
GT Pit Box set

Digital accessories:
Stop Light
Wireless handthrottle
Inner curve/inner & outer borders
Outer border for outer curve
Digitization kit

SCX Compact releases:
Compact F1 set-small
Compact Nascar Trioval
Compact GT large layout (with a Porsche I believe, not sure if it's 2 Porsche's or another GT car)
Compact Motorbikes (MotoGP) layout, and yes, I'm told they lean!
Compact DTM
Compact "Zorro"
Compact F1 set-larger layout

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