Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bachman Train Set #00762 - THE SILVER STREAK

Again I will have to say that I have never been in favor of packaged train sets but producers like Bachman are surely turning my head by producing sets like the Silver Streak.
The set comes in a well produced package that displays its contents in a vivid manner showing the contents to any prospective buyer. Further it is printed in English, French and Spanish.
The set includes;
One powered GP40 diesel engine.
One unpowered GP40 diesel engine.
One single dome tank car.
One steel gondola.
One 40' stock car.
One off center caboose.
Twelve 18" radius curved steel E-Z tracks.
Three 9" steel E-Z tracks.
One 9" straight terminal / rerailer steel E-Z track.
One wall pack with speed controller.
Fourteen piece graduated pier set.
One signal bridge.
Twelve unpainted people.
Twelve telephone poles.
Twenty four railroad and street signs.
Twelve piece set of crossing gates.

The engines are painted in the well known War Bonnet theme and are very detailed in every way. The powered unit has an all wheel geared drive and electrical pick up that insures smooth operation under most circumstances.The engine is equipped with a bright head light. I found that the set ran smooth and well on grades and level tracks and tracked well on curves. It also ran well at slow speeds used for coupling operation.
All the units are equipped with E - Z Mate couplers and should be compatible with most other couplers. Close inspection of the rolling stock revealed fantastic details that are normally found on much more expensive units. The set includes information on how to trouble shoot problems that might arise and a support phone number.I feel this set would in on most layouts and would perform well. I especially feel that this would be a great set for anyone young or old to use as a starter set as it comes with so many extras. I would have to rate the Silver Streak with or above average and certainly a product to be enjoyed.

Happy railroading; Bud

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