Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bachman Train Set # 00644, Deluxe Thomas with Annie and Clarabel.

For many years young people have revered and played with Thomas The Tank wooden trains on play tables with a plethora of wooden accessories.
Bachman Trains are producing a series of Thomas the Train in electric HO scale, They have obviously taken great effort to make faithful duplicates of the original wooden trains.
Deluxe Thomas with Annie and Clarabel is one of those sets and at first glance one could readily mistake them for the originals.
The set includes;
Thomas the Tank with moving eyes.
Annie the coach with international-style hook and loop couplers.
Clarabel the coach with international-style hook and loop couplers.
Bertie the bus.
Harold the Helicopter.
Sir Topham figure.
56" x 38" oval of snap-fit EZ Track
12 pieces of curved track, 3 pieces of straight
track and 1 straight plug-in terminal rerailer.
Power pack and speed controller.
Illustrated instruction Manual.
With This set one could relive the stories seen in books, on television, videos and feature films or just plain use ones imagination to create your own adventures.
The engine has a standard Bachman geared motor with all wheel pick up to insure smooth operation either on the supplied track or any standard HO track.
I feel that even though this set is designed for the younger folks there is no reason it can not be a part of any other layout. Just imagine how a grand child would react to seeing Thomas on dad or grand dad's layout.
After all model railroading is a journey into ones imagination.
I would have to give this set an above average rating for its uniqueness and its over all good quality.

Happy Railroading Bud


Anonymous said...

Way to Go Bud, Great review of the Train sets especially Thomas. At the Toronoto International Hobby Show, a Thomas Train was running on a Club Demo track & turned into the hit of the show!

dv said...

Um, Slot Car News? Hello? Not the sort of thing I'd expect to see here.