Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Carrera Challenge Tour 2007

With the Car under Control, the World Championship is on Target

Nuremberg, January 2007 --- 13 cities in Germany and Austria, a 6x3 metre length, four-lane Carrera racetrack and only one dream: to be the first over the finishing line ... Once again, the 2006 Carrera Challenge Tour was a real crowd puller. Hundreds of pilots in hot pursuit of fame and honour and the hundreds of thousands of spectators who gathered by the tracks turned each race into a true motor sport event, where the competition was tough, but always fair. The difference between winning and running up was often only a tenth of a second
or a half-nose length.

On 23 November 2006 in the Filmpalast Cinecitta in Nuremberg, the time had come again for the spectacular finals of the Carrera Challenge to begin. In the extremely exciting race with new Carrera tracks, which need no power supply, Manuel Radlinger from Nuremberg in the end prevailed ever so slightly, but deservedly, over the current reigning Carrera world champion, Andreas Loth from Vienna. Pilot Stefan Fiala, also from Vienna, came in third. In the under-15 heats, Udo Huttlinger beat the previous world championship bronze medallist
Frederick Genzel – also with a razor-sharp lead. Philipp Keim jumped up to third place. Lots of races used the Ferrari 575 GTC touring car in a 1:24 scale.

In 2007, the chase for record laps and pole positions on the Carrera racetrack will be on again. The new year will hail a new round of the Carrera Challenge Tour, culminating in the World Championship in March 2008. Until then, every driver has the chance to take part in one of the many elimination heats all over Germany and Austria and qualify for the finals. After winning several gruelling duels one of those drivers will also take part in the international showdown during the World Championship. Besides getting the chance to pit their strength against the best drivers in the world, pilots can also look forward to lots of fantastic prizes.

More information and the current Carrera Challenge Tour schedule are available on the highly up-to-date website.

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