Friday, January 12, 2007

Racer Nurnberg Toyfair news-previewed here!

At the Nurnberg Toyfair Racer will present the following brand new cars
- 312P NART Sebring 12hrs 1970 - definitive version
- 312P NART Daytona 24hrs 1970 - definitive version
- 935K3 Dick Barbour racing - Apple Computer - definitive version
- 250LM - Mecom Racing Team - Sebring 12hrs 1965 - definitive version
- Plastic chassis for P4 - definitive

- Chaparral 2E - prototype level
- 350P Can Am 1967 - advanced prototype level
- 275P 1963 - prototype level


Kits are:
Kit include painted body in various colours without small details, photoetches and decals; plastic chassis, wheels, tyres, axles and pick up. Interior is flat with half driver figure. In this way the use of side-winder or in-line motor mount is allowed. Excluded from kit are engine and motor mount. And will sell for around 60Euro.


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