Tuesday, January 09, 2007

GPR Iowa race-prototype qualifying final

The following is updated final prototype qualifying results written by Terry Noe:

10.871 sec. #3 Porsche 936, Dr.Vanski. 1 deslot. This car is scary fast and very challenging to drive. Acceleration is unreal and the brakes work great. Actually, I tried to ride the brakes most of the time. Did I mention this car was scary fast? This one is not for the faint of heart. This car craves a 30' straight. I'm still shaking.

10.992 sec. #67 Porsche 908/2, WCR. 1 deslot on deadmans curve (see pics in separate post). Car is boogying no doubt about it. PPR's are working great. Guide is tighter than most other GPR cars.

11.020 sec. #55 Ferrari 512S Spyder, R.Livingston. 1 deslot. Oh, how I'd love to drive this car with PPR's. The "Widow Maker" which is the curve in front of the green and red drivers stations gave this car some trouble. Ortmans would let go causing the cars rear end to kick out. Car is well balanced and likes to go fast.

11.035 sec. #5 Ferrari 330 P3, Abie321. 1 deslot. Right tires for this track. Car doesn't seem to flinch any where except for slight chattering. This is mainly b/c the motor pod is tight in the HRS chassis. S1's work great here and the weight of the car helped even more.

11.093 sec. #85 Ferrari 312, Big Dog. Zero deslots. Slot.it kit car with Ortmans and added weight makes for a fast smooth ride. Car weighs 81g's and handles the track nice. This car easily repeated 11.(teens) second lap times during qualifying if you drive within the "window" of the tires. Too much acceleration out of the curves and it will get tail happy.

11.185 sec. #69 Porsche 917k Flower Power, Terry Noe. 1 deslot. S1's have trouble in some of the curves. PPR's would of been the hot ticket. What was I thinking? For a 21.5k car, it really needs a 12/34 instead of a 11/36. This car can be a handful at times.

11.262 sec. #49 ferrari 330 P4 Coupe, Nick49. Zero deslots. Wow. This car was fun to drive. Very forgiving car if you overdrive it in the curves. Hard to make mistakes with this one.

11.283 sec. #1 Porsche 908/3, Tony Kuljis. Zero deslots. Drives nice and smooth. NSR's not really hooking as well as they should. 3M tape not the best for cleaning NSR's. Tends to get tail happy in the S curves but stays in the slot.

11.389 sec. #36 Porsche 908/3, RecklessRacer. Zero deslots. So easy to drive, I was tempted to tape the trigger wide open and go in the house. Very good car IMO. Very difficult to make the car get out of shape.

11.529 sec. #8 Chevron, DaVols. 3 deslots. S curves weren't friendly to the Chevron as the car gets tippy and deslots. For a P3 rubber tire car, I give this guy a thumbs up. Car accelerates like it needs another 15' on the straight.

11.549 sec. #9 Ferrari 330 P4, PeteN95. Zero deslots. Fast to the point of being on the verge of losing control and corrects itself. NSR tires lack the needed grip.

11.573 sec. #30 Lola T70, Gascarnut. 1 deslot. Nicely built car that runs good. I really feel bad about this...my controller sensitivity and the Pro-Slot motor weren't matched close at all. I had to keep the trigger pulled 90-100% to make the car go. Very touchy with that much sensitivity and it shows with the lap times. This car will complete many laps on race day, just shooting for low et is impossible.

11.590 sec. #24 Porsche 908, Bluetoes 591. 3 deslots....more actually but the car would get back into the slot after it came out. Did that about 6 times, never seen a car do that so well. This one had all the components of a lap killer but something was amiss. Almost like the PPR's were gripping too much making the car get tippy and come out of the slot. Very quick but had troubles with the curves here.

11.630 sec. #18 Ferrari 312P Coupe, BeeJay. 3 deslots. Same story as Gascarnut. The Pro-Slot motor and my controller sensitivity were way off and lap times suffered.

11.722 sec. #16 Ferrari 612P Spyder, Phil Kalbfell. 1 deslot. This car likes to be driven deep into the curves before braking. Heavy weighted car helps keep the car in the slot and helps forgive driver errors. nice.

11.825 sec. #28 Porsche 917k, Spiritracer. Zero deslots. This TSRF chassis car needs an additional 25-30grams of weight to settle it down in the curves. At 97g the car is light for a TSRF chassis car. B/c of the light weight, the car will sometimes spin out in the curves and the fixed braids will lose contact with the copper tape. It also appears the steel chassis pan is twisted b/c of the left front wheel sitting off the track compared to the right wheel. Gobs of acceleration and the brakes are very good.

11.985 sec. #6 Porsche 917k Spyder, BigDSonic. 4 deslots. Unique chassis design lets the body roll to much bringing the opposite front wheel up and causing the guide to come out of the slot. This car flies down the straight sections but needs limiters to keep from lifting guide out of slot.

12.052 sec. #64 Chevron, kazooracer. 2 deslots. Car has tremendous speed and acceleration but the out of round Ortmans let the car bounce all over track.

12.436 sec. #7 Chaparral, Austin. 3 deslots. The second squeeze on the track deslotted this one every time. I had to slow way down to make it through here. Car is tipsy in the tight curves. The car handles the S curves very nice.

12.445 sec. #54 Porsche 908, Triggerhappy. Zero deslots. Car weighs about right for a TSRF chassis car. Ortman tires plagued this car bad. The tires would let the rear spin out causing the fixed braid s to lose contact with the copper tape. This can be over come by not pushing the car hard through the curves on race day.

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