Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The rumor mill: Slot It to announce new car

From a thread on Slot Car Illustrated.com from Maurizio:
"BTW next week yet another 1971 red italian car will be announced."

So a walk through the archives at Racing Sports Cars for 1971 reveals 2 possible car...the Ferrari 512M...I don't think this is the car since it's another Ferrari and why make another Ferrari and not a competitor? No this car doesn't make sense. Also it's in a different class than the 312PB Slot It has released already.

So the other car IMO is the Alfa T33/3, this is the more likely car I think. A thread on Slot Forum has occupied the time of many members on the topic of this being a good car to be released by Slot It. Maybe Maurizio has heard the chorus asking for a nice Alfa?

And informally the new "classic" Slot It release has been shown at the Toyfair in London, but no one is allowed to mention exactly what it is yet...and I haven't heard either on or off the record what has been shown...so I'm either on the money or wildly wrong...who knows.


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