Thursday, March 08, 2007

Boss Bodies-Touring cars pay a visit

A pair of Boss Bodies have been knocking around my track for a while now. Knocking being the word to use... they're nearly indestructable. Before they got to me several other slotters around the country have had the pleasure of putting these cars through their paces. The cars are sold by Smith Scale Speedway and are meant to be raced and raced hard. They're made from .020 PVC and I can tell you they can take a hit. And at only $5.00 a body (they recently raised the price, but only $.50 so they're still very, very affordable), they have a huge selection of bodies for sale.

These bodies are well proportioned and have the right look for the cars they're modeled after. The 1969 Nova body lines are on the money and capture the look of the real Nova very well. And the 1963 Checker is the only model of a Checker cab that I know of for slotters use, so if you need a Checker Cab for your city-themed track you'll want to check this body out. And again at only $5.00 you can't really go wrong.

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