Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Adjustable Front Axle Mount Kit

Slot Car Corner has released adjustable front axle mounts, which can be applied to a variety of existing car chassis. The adjustable blocks are sold in pairs, with four M2 set screws for precise up-and-down location of the front axle. This adjuster idea was first seen by this writer on the MRRC re-release of the famed Pro Slot Toyota GT1; now you can buy an adjustable mount that can be installed on any car you wish. Shown above is a Slot.It Sauber chassis, with one Slot.It axle height spacer or cap removed. The mounts are not yet installed.

The adjuster blocks will be installed using the original axle uprights as guides. 3/32" holes have been drilled through the chassis floor, to access the lower adjustment screws. The Slot.It chassis pan has been cut slightly, to receive the base of the adjuster blocks. The blocks can be installed facing in, facing out, or upside-down, to fit the exact chassis you choose.

The blocks are glued to the chassis, and the axle is slid in place. Everything fits very well.

The four set screws are run into the pre-tapped holes, and the axle is adjusted for height and vertical play. Adjustment is very easy, can be altered for different tracks, and can compensate for a slightly warped chassis, or for different guides or braids. The original axle uprights are left in place.
Adjustable axle mounts are available here:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the excellent write-up and pictures. While never intended for the Slot.it chassis, the mounts can be adapted to a wide variety of 1/32 chassis. SlotCarCorner plans to introduce a mount designed specifically for the Slot.it chassis in the not-to-distant future. It will be functionally equivalent to the mounts shown in the article but will simplify installation just a bit.



DaveKennedy said...

Hey Steve, thanks for looking in. These look great I can't wait to try them myself.

Robert Livingston said...

We forgot to mention that the SlotCarCorner axle adjusters are intended for Scalextric NASCAR chassis, with no modifications or cutting.