Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Monogram "Classics" review

Harry Wise of Home Racing World has a review of the latest Monogram releases. The Porsche 904, Shelby King Cobra, and Chapparal 2 are all reviewed at this link.

Excerpts used here with permission...

"Starting the line up we see the Porsche 904 GTS from Sebring, 1966. There are many Porsche models found in our hobby but this one has always been a very unique model. Either you will like the lines and shape or you won't. I find it very appealing and feel it was an excellent choice to produce in this classic series."

"Tampo stamped markings were clean and crisp and found no runs or fades in either these or the clear coat. Fine scale purists will find issues here and there, but overall it appears they have done a decent job of recreating this classic."

"The half tray interior is detailed enough for my tastes as well. Items like the molded windshield wiper in the front glass I found interesting. Of course this mold is rather old and although we have seen models with finer detail than this, it can have it's advantages as at least this wiper arm will not break off. I did notice some slight mold lines in the rear and the left front near the A pillar. Nothing to offensive but I mention it as many enthusiasts do care about the detail and quality levels of the bodies."

Thanks to Harry for the review...please view the full review here.



I thought I'd post a few photos of my own 904 which is the original Monogram 904 from the 60's for comparison.

Here's a shot of the roofline that I go on and on endlessly about. The roof of the 904 should be rounder over the side windows. It's kind of distracting from what is otherwise a nicely done model. The nose looks good and the back end is pleasingly round as well.

It would have been super to have Revell redo the model this time around with a model that's a bit closer to the real car...but you can't get everything you want can you?

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