Friday, January 11, 2008

Cat 545 Grapple Skidder - diecast review

The 1:50 scale model Cat 545 Grapple Skidder is another in along line of models offered by Norscott. The rubber tires with the original tread design are a detail often over looked by other manufacturers.

The articulated steering in this model works quite well and the hydraulics on this model work exceptionally well. The blade moves up and down smoothly and the boom swings freely as well.

I was also impressed with the independent pistons contained on the grapple. Each tine worked independently of the other just as it does in real life.

If you are interested in collecting heavy equipment models the Norscott line offer s nice detail for a modest price. These models are relatively large and will require a large space to display them. The Cat 54 Grapple skidder would be a nice piece to add to your collection.
Regards, Frank

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