Saturday, January 19, 2008

N-Scorer from Ninco - newsletter

News from Ninco...
"You're looking at one of the finest and most "user-friendly" Slot Car Lap Counters available today. The NINCO 10409 N-Scorer has a suggested retail of only $87.98 and is one of the handiest accessories available for standard (Analog) slot car racing. It's battery operated, so it can be put almost anywhere on a two lane track and racers can put it in their pit box when going to a friends house."

• Completely wireless setup: Uses four (4) AA batteries*
• “Straddles” the track, car "triggers" an invisible light beam to count laps
• Use with NINCO & and most other 1/32 scale track
• Carry it with you
• Simple three button control panel
• Two program modes: Set number of laps or Set length of race time
• Set up to 999 laps or up to 99 minutes
• Displays laps; displays minutes and seconds to 2 decimal places
• Five LED’s and sound signals
• Fastest lap & laps completed by each driver can be recalled
• Automatic shut down after three minutes of inactivity
*Batteries not included
Cars not included

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At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DO NOT BUY this laps counter if you used wood track... Random detection is the issue...


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