Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Racemasters/AFX track clip - HO track accessory

Racemasters and AFX have a new track clip out that works very well when you want a better track connection than the standard pieces provide. I have noted in some reviews that the AFX track doesn’t always stay to tight together and that at times the connections will separate, causing possible loss of power and a rougher driving surface. Racemasters has developed a stainless steel clip that holds the pieces securely together.

This clip once installed sits almost flush with the bottom of the track surface and provides and very nice smooth joint at the track intersection.

This clip is perfect to use when at times the track may be dismantled as the clip easily comes off with the use of a screw driver.

Racemasters’ suggested usages are:
·Setting up a semi-permanent layout and don’t want to glue or nail the track to the surface.
·Making a layout that uses a lot of overpasses which try to pull apart the track pieces.
·Building multi-lane layout with bank curves where the centrifugal forces try to work the track pieces apart.

This is a great item to have around for those stubborn pieces that won’t stay together or to build a more permanent layout and not have to continuously be checking the track connections.


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