Sunday, January 13, 2008

For the love of the sport

I love racing, any form, anywhere. I was lucky enough to attend a monster truck show Saturday night in North Carolina.
I was surprised how grass roots this form of racing still is. The pits are nothing more than loading docks and parking bays, not some huge operation. I was shocked to see the drivers working on their trucks just as hard as the crews.

The drivers then stand in line for hours signing autographs and getting their photo taken with Johnny and dad, all with a smile on their face. These drivers set a very high standard. I wish all motorsports treated their fans with such open arms. I asked several why they do all these extra steps for their fans, and their answers were all about the same . . . “We love to do this and the fans come with it.”
Well, call me a redneck from the South…I loved it……
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