Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Diecast collectable or HO layout diorama piece?

Atlas has released some very highly detailed 1/87th diecasts, well, really plastic cars. As you can see from the photos I would call these collectable, more than diorama piece. The panel van has fully detailed dash, stick shift, and a 3 spoke wheel.
The Jeep is so highly detailed I really don’t know where to start… Let’s see. You can actually read the license plate. Check out the tire on the back, it has the proper number of lug nuts and then there is the door handle where you swear you could lift it up and open it.
I saved the best for last: The Chrysler Airflow Imperial Eight. This car just went over the block at the Barrett-Jackson auction; Speed called it a car ahead of its time.

If you collect cars, have an HO scale train layout or have a diorama on your HO scale slot car track, you would want to have these….

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