Monday, January 21, 2008

Lexion 590R - diecast review

The Lexion 590 R is a large scale model offered by Norscott. When the model arrived I was impressed by its shear size. The detail on the railings, lights, and decals looked extremely realistic even at the 1:50 scale.The amount of moving parts on this model was very limited with only the grain tank extension opening and the feederhouse raises and lowers. Other than these two parts along with the wheels this was a pretty static model. I was also not impressed with the design of the feederhouse as it came apart the only two time s I opened it. The plastic pins on the metal doors were very well designed.
After attaching both the flex head and the 16 row cornhead it was obvious that a huge display area would be necessary to show off this model. Without either one of the attachments the Lexion 590R looks rather ordinary and plain. Once they are attached the model takes on the true nature of its character. I liked the design and detail included in the model and for someone who has the space this would make a nice display model to own.

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