Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cat GP25N Lift Truck

The 1:25 scale Cat GP25N Lift truck from Norscott is a model that would appeal to a limited amount of collectors. Having driven this exact model for several years I can tell you that the layout and design is almost perfect and that the designers at Norscott added a lot of detail to make it this way. The movable forks and lift assembly works well and even contained the authentic wobble which you get when driving the machine empty.
I liked the brass fittings holding down the rear tank (to limit sparks) and the tilt control on the entire lift assembly.

This model although having many nice features does contain the overall appeal of some of the other pieces offered by Norscott. The rear wheel steering did not function properly on this model making it difficult to maneuver. If you have an interest in small industrial equipment then this might be a piece you would like to add to your collection.



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