Sunday, June 24, 2007

Scalextric Ferrari 330P4 to 330P3

This is a conversion of a Scalextric Ferrari 330 P4 into a 330 P3, chassis number 0846, which was the first 330 P3 ever to race, at Sebring, 1966 (number 27). It raced again at the Targa Florio, as number 230, driven by Nino Vaccarella and Lorenzo Bandini. It raced a few more times, crashed and burned, and was eventually rebuilt into a 330 P4, when it crashed and burned again. The few surviving parts were restored as a 330 P4 a few years ago.

Changes to the model include a new rear deck, louvers from old AMT customizing kits, an induction cover from a Japanese Zero aircraft belly tank, and brake air scoops (likened to rain gutter elbows by a journalist of the times) made from sprue. Rear detail includes an expanded aluminum mesh panel, in a reshaped opening, and a reshaped rear spoiler. The boxy luggage compartments were removed from the lower tail, bringing the car back to P. Drogo's original design ideas, uncontaminated by rules mandates and aero winglets. A windshield wiper shroud was added at the base of the arm, and the vent over the radiator was reshaped. Steering wheel is from an Airfix 250LM. Dress snaps became inserts in BWA wheels. Rear tires are Ortmann repro Monogram "F1". It still needs side windows. Driver has a new/old Monogram head from 1965.

This P3 is off to do battle in the VRAA '07, a proxy race. Rules call for the original motor. Mechanical changes include a floating chassis, secured by loose nose screws, and a single new screw mount at the rear. Unlike the Scalex design, the lower sides of the body are no longer attached to the belly pan.


Mick said...

I sincerely hope that Scalextric will modify their tooling to offer this variant very soon.

Willem S said...

Looks stunning !!!