Thursday, June 21, 2007

Motor List update

The Slot Car News Motor List is devoted to slot car motor manufacturer's RPM and torque, at a constant 12 volts, to allow comparisons of motors. Actual test RPM is included, which is sometimes quite different from the published info.

The Motor List is updated today with Plafit 1/32 motors, as presented on their website. Because torque ratings are unavailable for these motors, Amp (A) ratings at 12v are included, in order to estimate relative torques of different RPM versions of the same motor. For example, the Plafit Fox and Fox II are rated at different RPM, at the same current (amp) draw, so they can be assumed to develop similar torque. This method only works for motors which are practically the same, except for RPM difference.

Source for today's update:

The Motor List is updated frequently. You can find the link, highlighted in yellow, by scrolling to the foot of this page.

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