Thursday, June 28, 2007

NSR King tested

Fantasy World Hobbies was kind enough to send a sample of the NSR King, an FK-180 long can, high torque motor. The motor is rated at 21,400 RPM on 12 volts, no load, with torque at 270 gcm. This motor has been encountered on the race track, and it is a mover, despite its massive 32 grams of weight. The armature is balanced, resulting in smooth, vibration-free running. After letting it run up to operating temperature, the tach read 21,404 average RPM, with very little variation. It is not often that a motor runs at the same speed its manufacturer claims, but this one does!

The Motor List is updated frequently. You can find the link, highlighted in yellow, by scrolling to the foot of this page.

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