Saturday, June 16, 2007

SCX Pro Audi-motor pod & next release details

While racing the SCX Pro Audi last night I noticed a few more details about the construction worth noting. Not only is the pro pod made of a much stronger material than the normal SCX pod, but the design of the bearing holders is much more robust. I had seen this before but hadn't really thought much about it until Rob Livingston mentioned how he'd broken the arms on the pod on his Aston DBR9.

Above you can see the pod on from the BMW WTCC car (in the foreground) and the pod that comes installed in the Pro Audi. You can see how much more material there is in the Pro Audi design. This design for the bearing holders is also in the replacement pod that comes with the Pro Audi.

What's the point? Well it would be great if SCX changed to this design and used the heavier plastic, for their pods in standard cars.

Another topic about the Pro Audi:

Motor pod removal.

Below you can see the pod retailing clip removed from the front tab of the pod.
This was a bit of a head scratcher for me at first. I removed the small screw that is used for pod adjustment, thinking that might also have something to do with the piece that holds down the from clip. Well it doesn't. It's just a simple clip that's snapped in place over the front motor pod tab. Be careful when you remove the clip not to force it too much. The kit doesn't come with an extra retaining clip but I think it might be something that SCX should consider putting in with later releases of the Pro Audi...

And speaking of "later releases", another version of the Pro Audi kit will be released later this year as a clear body. The body will be left clear so that the customer can paint it to their desired "livery".


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