Friday, August 17, 2007

Caravan racing!

Well it's not news, it's not a's just good fun from our slotfriend HenkG in the Netherlands!



HenkG said...

Thanks for "quoting" my blog. Yes, it's my track and my caravan, but the movie was made by on of my slotracing friends Jaco a.k.a. Klikogreen. He is also a slotracer from the Netherlands who collects green slotcars - hence his nickname.

DaveKennedy said...

Henk I've been looking at all the "DTR" (Dutch Tabletop Racers....for those not up on on the lingo), and I loved the video, hope you don't mind I posted it here.

BTW, does the "DTR" have a website? I'd love to post a link to the DTR if I could find the site. I love the logo.