Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New BWA motor-Best Motor Available?

Al Penrose (Owner of BWA Slot Cars) has had a motor made. A new NC1 speed motor that's an FF-can.

From the thread on Home Racing World written by Al:

"For those that don't know, the FF050 is the newer slimline smaller can motors as used in the newer range of Scalextric Classic F1 and GP cars. The FF030 is basicaly the same size/shape, but, shorter, commonly reffered to as the Beardog Mini motor(although, I was the first person to use one of these rather small motors in a slot car, around 1998, and, told Chris about them a year later.)

Both motors have the 1.5mm shaft, and, both fit my Mini Motorbracket chassis.

Here's a shot of the test mule chassis.

Delivery should be 4-6 weeks. Price should be around $4.00. Shipping from far away country for my order is going to contribute a substantial amount of that price."

To pre-order this motor contact Al at:

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