Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Scalex Lamborghini Gallardo-lots of pix

Publishers note:

This has come up on a few message boards now so I will address this topic here. These black windowed cars WILL be followed by more detailed versions. The black windowed cars are sort of part of a line of slot cars (maybe unofficially) that are more aimed at the, shall we say... "non hobbyist" market. There WILL be the usual, highly detailed slot cars, MADE WITH THE SAME BODIES (and yes glass and interiors) released from Scalextric as well. So, please, let's not judge these cars with the same point of view that we do a highly detailed, much more expensive slot car.

I had talked about this very slot car with a senior designer for Scalextric at the ToyFair in NYC this last year, and he mentioned having a number of cars that could be used by kids or less experienced drivers. So don't worry, if you're not groovin' on the black windows, there will be more to come!

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