Saturday, August 11, 2007

Road America IS live today...via LizardRadio!!!

As a reminder... the American LeMans Series race today will NOT be shown on Speed TV until tomorrow! But you can listen to the race via the Flying Lizard Motorsports live radio feed...follow this link to listen.
If you haven't listened to the feed before give it a try it's addictive! You can hear the team radio as well as a play by play of the race.

Road America
Saturday, August 11 -- 10am - 10:25am Central Time (warmup)
Saturday, August 11 -- 4:00pm - 8:00pm Central Time (race)

What You'll Hear
The Lizard radio broadcast includes 4 channels, two for each car. Each car includes a channel for the crew to talk to the driver and vice versa, and a one for the crew to talk to one another.

You will hear all four channels on the broadcast. The priority on the radio scan is the No. 45 car so if they are talking at the same time as the No. 44, the No. 45 will "walk over" the No. 44.

Most of the time, you'll hear: No. 44: Car chief Bill Rader, Team Manager Eric Ingraham, and Chief Engineer Craig Watkins. On the No. 45 car you'll hear: Crew Chief Tommy Sadler, Engineer Stefan Pfeiffer, and Chief Strategist Thomas Blam.

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