Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sloting Plus gear press/puller & website

This may not be news to our views in Spain, but Sloting Plus makes a really nice looking gear press/puller that I came across while surfing the internet the other day. The SLPL3000 looks like a good (and sturdy!) combination of press and puller...

It looks like the press comes with a small piece to brace the closed end of the long can motor too, a like feature.

Check this link to see the Sloting Plus catalog, they make a small selection of products but some interesting items that are pretty interesting.

I emailed Sloting Plus a few days ago but got no response, I'm thinking they're away for the August Holiday...I hope they don't mind me using the photos!



Mick said...

It appears as though they don't sell direct to the public, so who in the USA will step up to the plate and carry this line?

DaveKennedy said...

Mick I still haven't heard back from Sloting Plus, but I'm hoping that someone might pick them up as a product line.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps soon in USA ???