Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Slot Car King Cup II-Proxy Race details

Slot Car King Cup II

The second annual 1/43 SCK II proxy race is beginning mid August. This is a traveling proxy with the schedule as follows:

August 18 & 19, 2007 – Iowa
September 29 & 30, 2007 – North Carolina
October 19 & 20, 2007 – Michigan
November 16 & 17, 2007 –North Carolina
December 2007 – Ontario
January 2008 – Austria
February 22-24. 2008 – Connecticut
March 2008 – Indiana

Each entrant can enter a max of two cars for a fee of $3 per car. The cars do not return to the owner until the end of the series unless there is a DNF. Then the car is returned to the owner for repairs then submitted to the next race with points adjusted accordingly. The fee covers shipping from race to race.

Car bodies must resemble an existing race or street car. This is a very important rule since this is quite an ingenious group. There is an example list of acceptable car bodies just for the purpose of fairness. This group has made slot cars with bodies from die casts to tooth brush holders to cigarette packs. The majority of the bodies will be vac-formed. The body must cover the wheels/tires and the chassis, not exceed 2” width, and must taller than the motor but doesn’t have to cover the motor when looking from the top. Each car will have a number on each side – roof numbers are optional.

The only chassis allowed is an Artin 1/43 scale but can be modified for length. Any tires are allowed, but the car is required to only have four that all touch the track. Any style guide pin or flag is acceptable. The chassis ride height is open but nothing can drag the track surface except for the brushes and tires.

Motors and gearing must be stock Artin 1/43 and in the stock location.

Traction magnets are an open issue, but again with this group the car better stick to the track since it is a timed race. This group is made of severe adrenalin junkies so plenty of magnet is a must.

The tracks vary from 7.5 volts to 16 volts. Most of the tracks are 10 to 12 volt and the last race will be on a 16 volt track to see what is left in the cars. There are road courses and ovals, two and four lanes. The race consists of two lanes of the host’s choice. All cars run the same lanes with 10 practice laps per car per lane prior to the timed heat for that car. Then there is a 25 lap timed heat per car per lane with the 20 best times recorded and averaged per lane. Then the two averages from each lane will be averaged for an overall race score. Points are then assigned in accordance to the fastest to slowest times. The points are totaled for each car after each race for overall scoring.

There are prizes donated by Slot Car World, SlotTronics, and Ranch-Design. There will be individual prizes awarded by the race hosts for various reasons ranging from lap times to best looking car. Any monies remaining after the series will be donated to Home Racing World to help maintain the forum.

This proxy gets a lot of attention from the 1/43 group and is followed quite closely. So far we have 15 entries! I know there will be no cheating or bending of the rules by the entrants – ya, sure, right!


Anonymous said...

16v?!?!? Aren't Artin 1/43 cars made for 6v?

Anonymous said...

The sets are 6v but the motors run and last fine at 12v. 16v is pushing the envelope to the edge.