Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The boneyard

I thought I'd look over the cast off's I have laying around the shop. I've got the rep of being a slash and burn type to guy...and I think this post will do nothing to change that opinion. Many of the left over's are axles/wheels out of round or loose bearings.

Ode to a crappy stub axle......oh, how I loathe thee!

A personal favorite of mine was this tire (one of a pair obviously) that seemed like it might have potential. But then well I was trying to put the tire on whatever wheel it fit...RIIIPPPPPP, the tire was so fragile that my thumbnail cut into it!

Old out of round wheels, plastic wheels that can't be put onto axles without falling off within a few laps, nasty old hard sponge tires that came on a Porsche 904 of all things, old wobbly wheels...they might be good for inserts but little else.

Tires that don't stick but are too nicely tampoed to get rid of. They're nice models of tires but good for precious little besides admiring as scenery.

I give you Scalextric Protec parts...good for nothing aside from use with the old Protec system. I bought them as new old stock at a local slot car store. They're soooooo nicely done I just can't bring myself to sell them. The wheels are sort of familiar, aren't they? They sure look like the new Sport Plus parts don't they? Hmmm.......

A Scalextric body I painted for use in the NY club I belonged to. I'm not much of an American TransAm racing guy so now this body just sits around looking pretty.

To paraphrase the song "War"....Interiors...what are they good for NOTHING say it again! Although they are sure a good source for drivers for my Proxy race endeavors.

What's the point to all this? I think we've all got some parts we just have no use for now don't we?

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